I wear the chain I forged in life….I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it.
― Jacob Marley, Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol



The Rickshaw Circus

Today I would like to tell you all about an organization that I think is on the right track: The Rickshaw Circus.


What is Rickshaw Circus?
– Support the Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC) in Afghanistan
– Make a Social Circus Tour through Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey to reach out to children
– Spread the word on Social Circus and its positive therapeutic impact

Rickshaw Circus is a group of Social Circus practitioners and associated supporters, with partner organizations in Germany, Canada and Turkey. The general aim is to support circus arts as a therapeutic tool and to work with children and youth affected by war, natural disasters and other forms of trauma. Rickshaw Circus also aims to raise awareness and funds for projects that are already working in this capacity, specifically the Mobile Mini Circus for Children in Afghanistan (MMCC).

The future Circus Rickshaw!
To achieve these goals, the Rickshaw Circus will tour between June and August 2012 with a colorfully painted, motorized rickshaw through Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey and work with children, youth and young adults in schools, orphanages, hospitals and refugee camps. The tour is geared towards raising funds for the MMCC/AECC in Afghanistan, spreading awareness on Social Circus and giving positive media feedback for the countries and people on the traveling route.

The Rickshaw Circus will visit street children in Pakistan, work with school children and orphans in Iran and spread smiles and hope among displaced people in Turkey. On its tour, the Rickshaw Circus aims to give educational workshops to aid campaigners, social workers, teachers and local advocates on Social Circus and its transformative power (see ‘What is Social Circus?’). The workshop participants will function as key future partners and implementers for Social Circus. Building permanent capacity is an important part of what the Rickshaw Circus hopes to achieve. To do this, we will not only leave behind knowledge on how to organize and structure circus activities through our workshops, but also provide support materials on the theoretical background and practical realization of Social Circus projects. Furthermore, the Rickshaw Circus will perform for local people and give skills-developing workshops for small groups of children and youth to inspire them and further their ability for transformation and empowerment through circus arts.

Support the Rickshaw Circus!