Podpoi, available at Flowtoys

Hey guys, just a quick note. Podpoi are back up for sale at flowtoys!

Here’s a link. Buy Podpoi at Flowtoys



Twista Fire Poi

Hello fellow spinners. Today I just wanted to spread the word about a great product that I’m sure you’ll appreciate as much as I do.

These are just about the best fire poi I know of. They’re really great, durable, and smooth. Best of all, there’s minimal exposed hardware so there’s less of a risk of burning yourself!

I would say more, but I’ll just let you check them out for yourselves.

Use the link below and get my 7.1% discount off your entire order!

Twista Fire Poi at Home of Poi


What is poi? Poi, (plural is also just “poi”, and not “pois”), is a Maori word meaning ball on cord. Poi was first developed by the Maori of New Zealand, and were used by both sexes. The women used poi to keep their hands nimble for weaving, and the men used it as a training tool for battle.

Since then, poi has drastically changed. It has taken on many forms, and has been influenced by the martial arts, and several more modern performance arts.
In the more recent past, poi has been influenced by the glow stringing/sticking rave culture. Many new moves, (such as orbitals), have been brought to poi through this influence.

There are many different types of poi.
Sock poi, cone poi, flag poi, veil poi, fire poi, sparkle poi, club poi, and contact poi, just to name a few. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Fire and sparkle poi are most dangerous, while fabric poi are the most benign.

Poi is a branch of the flow arts, and is useful in reaching the flow state. It’s uses range from physical therapy, to fitness, to recreation. Poi offers phenomenal health benefits. Poi can strengthen hand-eye coordination, improve awareness, and possibly even raise IQ by strengthening the corpus callosum. So go, get a pair!!!

Podpoi by Flowtoys

Flowtoys has done it again. Podpoi have got to be the best LED poi ever created.

• full color
• many modes
• infinitely adjustable
• bright
• lasts all night
• usb rechargeable
• non-toxic
• conscious design
• super durable
• lifetime warranty

Made of soft and supple silicone, (that won’t yellow and can be thrown in with your laundry or dirty dishes when it does need cleaning), with a hi-tech removable polycarbonate LED light capsule housed inside, these are as good as I can imagine poi being. If there were a better pair ever made though, it would be by Flowtoys.

The specially designed flowcord leashes with amazingly smooth swivels and seamless nylon “floop” handles practically disappear into the silicone pod. All with no painful hardware!

On top of that, Podpoi are microusb rechargeable, so no more having to carry extra batteries! Now charging your poi is as easy as charging your phone!

Podpoi have an intuitive single button interface that is very easy to use. You just press to change modes, and press and hold to access the individual modes options. You can even save 10 modes as favorites! Most modes last over 7 hours on a single charge, while some modes last over 50!

Just in case you weren’t quite sold yet, they have a lifetime warrenty!
You can purchase Podpoi at Flowtoys. They are currently sold out, but should be receiving more in early April. When they are back in stock, it will be announced both on their site, and on their Facebook page. Like them on Facebook!

Be sure to check out the links above!

I’ll be sure to post here as well when they’re available.

May the Flow be with you.


Home of Poi Discount


Home of Poi is a great source for a first pair of poi. Located in New Zealand, they have incredibly fast and inexpensive shipping. I am always amazed at the speed at which I receive the items I order from them. They have perhaps the largest selection of props, (poi, staves, buugeng, juggling balls, etc.), available anywhere. Check them out!

Please use my link above! You’ll get my 7.1% discount applied to your entire order! Plus a free fire safety DVD!