New Hipsack Colors at Flowtoys!

Flowtoys has new colors of hipsacks!!!


“Designed by Nick Woolsey, Playpoi hipsacks are essential gear for poi spinners, festival goers and urban ninjas. Multiple USEFUL pockets that fit your camera, mobile phone, wallet, passport and other valuables. There are also secure internal pockets and several attachment loops for keys, lights and more. Plus a larger pocket that carries your poi! Yes, your podpoi can fit!

Playpoi’s hipsacks are versatile, comfortable, stylish and practical. Sizing is adjustable from approx. 29″-40″ waist with standard laces – you can use longer laces for larger waist sizes.

Available in updated color choices (from top to bottom and left to right): green, cocoa, wine, hot pink, teal, black, plum, playa (off-white) and saffron (orange). You can get different colors, and mix and match! Click on the image for more pix of hipsacks in action (note: some pics are of old colors – the first pic has the latest colors).

FREE FLOW BINER! Your hipsack comes with a flow carabiner that you can use to attach keys, gear and other useful stuff. The biner fits a flowlight as well – great for festival fashion and finding friends in the dark. Hipsacks also go great with action pants.”