New Hipsack Colors at Flowtoys!

Flowtoys has new colors of hipsacks!!!


“Designed by Nick Woolsey, Playpoi hipsacks are essential gear for poi spinners, festival goers and urban ninjas. Multiple USEFUL pockets that fit your camera, mobile phone, wallet, passport and other valuables. There are also secure internal pockets and several attachment loops for keys, lights and more. Plus a larger pocket that carries your poi! Yes, your podpoi can fit!

Playpoi’s hipsacks are versatile, comfortable, stylish and practical. Sizing is adjustable from approx. 29″-40″ waist with standard laces – you can use longer laces for larger waist sizes.

Available in updated color choices (from top to bottom and left to right): green, cocoa, wine, hot pink, teal, black, plum, playa (off-white) and saffron (orange). You can get different colors, and mix and match! Click on the image for more pix of hipsacks in action (note: some pics are of old colors – the first pic has the latest colors).

FREE FLOW BINER! Your hipsack comes with a flow carabiner that you can use to attach keys, gear and other useful stuff. The biner fits a flowlight as well – great for festival fashion and finding friends in the dark. Hipsacks also go great with action pants.”



Fund the Flow Arts

What is the Fund?

Fund the Flow Arts is a US based nonprofit, that aims to present and promote the flow arts globally. It aims to advance the prop manipulation based flow arts. And also to foster local flow arts communities and cultivate the development of the global community of flow arts practitioners.

In achieving these goals, the fund engages in activities that:

1. Support emerging and developing flow arts communities.

2. Present and showcase this art form to the public.

3. Make it accessible to a large number of people.

4. Advance the evolution of these disciplines in technique and artistry.

Program areas provide resources, grants and education to Flow artists and aspiring Flow artists worldwide, and aim to nurture and strengthen Flow Arts communities.


The History of the Fund taken from

Flow Arts communities are simultaneously local and global. All over the world, local spinjams and workshops bring together flow artists to play, practice and share tricks and concepts. The global Flow Arts community grows as people travel to international retreats and festivals, sharing their skills. In addition, with the wide availability of online networks and interest groups, Flow communities from all over the world are connecting remotely to teach and learn from each other through online media such as YouTube and Facebook.

There exists – online and offline – a collaborative, active and burgeoning worldwide community of flow practitioners connected through their love of this emerging movement. While it is currently a hobby for most, several flow artists have left their day jobs behind to commit to a career of teaching, performing and sharing the artform.


Watermelon Dan
One such flow artist was Burning Dan, a dynamic Los-Angeles based performer and teacher. He actively fostered community around the Flow Arts both locally through his weekly FlowTemple parties in LA, and globally through his travels, teaching and inspiring people all over the world. Burning Dan was also known as “Watermelon Dan” for his love of the pink and green watermelon color scheme and the positive effect it has on people.


In May 2010, his friends at Flowtoys launched a special limited run of watermelon-themed flowlights (a LED lightstick produced by the company) [available HERE] in honor of Dan’s boundless efforts towards fostering his local flow community, and recognizing his contributions to the Flow endeavor. Dan had also been hinting and urging Flowtoys to release this color scheme for awhile
The watermelon flowlights were very popular and the run sold out before the end of the summer. Later that fall, Dan passed away and the flow community worldwide mourned the loss of a champion. Dan was a radiant and generous soul, who left an indelible mark in the flow community, touching the lives of everyone he met. Dan had many dreams for the flow arts. Following his passing many wondered how they could contribute to continuing Dan’s and the collective flow community’s vision.

His friends at Flowtoys came up with an idea to start a fund for the flow arts, and to seed the Fund with the profits from a commemorative run of watermelon-themed flowlights. The Fund would be a non-profit and serve the mission of advancing the flow arts, and fostering flow communities. Its first two projects are and the Flow Show.


The Fund’s watermelon logo
The watermelon-themed logo symbolizes the freshness of the emerging Flow artform and its ability to quench the human thirst for challenge, creativity, meditation, movement and community.

Designed by Xavi Panneton, one of the community’s most favored visionary artists and graphic designer, the logo recognizes Watermelon Dan for the inspiration, efforts and generous spirit that he gave to building flow arts communities.

Rest in peace Dan.

The Rickshaw Circus

Today I would like to tell you all about an organization that I think is on the right track: The Rickshaw Circus.


What is Rickshaw Circus?
– Support the Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC) in Afghanistan
– Make a Social Circus Tour through Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey to reach out to children
– Spread the word on Social Circus and its positive therapeutic impact

Rickshaw Circus is a group of Social Circus practitioners and associated supporters, with partner organizations in Germany, Canada and Turkey. The general aim is to support circus arts as a therapeutic tool and to work with children and youth affected by war, natural disasters and other forms of trauma. Rickshaw Circus also aims to raise awareness and funds for projects that are already working in this capacity, specifically the Mobile Mini Circus for Children in Afghanistan (MMCC).

The future Circus Rickshaw!
To achieve these goals, the Rickshaw Circus will tour between June and August 2012 with a colorfully painted, motorized rickshaw through Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey and work with children, youth and young adults in schools, orphanages, hospitals and refugee camps. The tour is geared towards raising funds for the MMCC/AECC in Afghanistan, spreading awareness on Social Circus and giving positive media feedback for the countries and people on the traveling route.

The Rickshaw Circus will visit street children in Pakistan, work with school children and orphans in Iran and spread smiles and hope among displaced people in Turkey. On its tour, the Rickshaw Circus aims to give educational workshops to aid campaigners, social workers, teachers and local advocates on Social Circus and its transformative power (see ‘What is Social Circus?’). The workshop participants will function as key future partners and implementers for Social Circus. Building permanent capacity is an important part of what the Rickshaw Circus hopes to achieve. To do this, we will not only leave behind knowledge on how to organize and structure circus activities through our workshops, but also provide support materials on the theoretical background and practical realization of Social Circus projects. Furthermore, the Rickshaw Circus will perform for local people and give skills-developing workshops for small groups of children and youth to inspire them and further their ability for transformation and empowerment through circus arts.

Support the Rickshaw Circus!

Clothing for Spinners

All spinners (people who spin poi, staves, etc.) have their own unique style of pants they like to spin in. Here is a quick guide so a few of the many types you may see.

1: Action Pants

Sold by Flowtoys in California, these are sold two varieties, Poplins and The Performer.

Poplins, a light weight colorful cotton pant, are great for warmer weather. They are loosely styled after Thai Fisherman Pants (covered below).


The Performer is a heavier cotton pant of similar style. It is very… samurai meets yogi.


2: Thai Fisherman Pants

Thai fisherman pants have been worn for hundreds of years by the native fishermen of Thailand. They are a wrap pant with a fabric tie around the waist. Although originally from Thailand, thai fisherman pants are also worn in Vietnam and throughout that region. They have become increasingly popular with tourists. Thai fisherman pants are most commonly made of cotton, although some are made of rayon.
Do not wear rayon or any other synthetic while spinning fire. Synthetics and fire do not mix!


3: Harem, Aladdin, or Parachute Pants

Harem pants originated in India. I really don’t think they need much introduction.


I know that I have probably missed a lot of awesome pant varieties. If I have, I apologize. Drop me a line and tell me about them. I’ll be sure to include them here.

Podpoi by Flowtoys

Flowtoys has done it again. Podpoi have got to be the best LED poi ever created.

• full color
• many modes
• infinitely adjustable
• bright
• lasts all night
• usb rechargeable
• non-toxic
• conscious design
• super durable
• lifetime warranty

Made of soft and supple silicone, (that won’t yellow and can be thrown in with your laundry or dirty dishes when it does need cleaning), with a hi-tech removable polycarbonate LED light capsule housed inside, these are as good as I can imagine poi being. If there were a better pair ever made though, it would be by Flowtoys.

The specially designed flowcord leashes with amazingly smooth swivels and seamless nylon “floop” handles practically disappear into the silicone pod. All with no painful hardware!

On top of that, Podpoi are microusb rechargeable, so no more having to carry extra batteries! Now charging your poi is as easy as charging your phone!

Podpoi have an intuitive single button interface that is very easy to use. You just press to change modes, and press and hold to access the individual modes options. You can even save 10 modes as favorites! Most modes last over 7 hours on a single charge, while some modes last over 50!

Just in case you weren’t quite sold yet, they have a lifetime warrenty!
You can purchase Podpoi at Flowtoys. They are currently sold out, but should be receiving more in early April. When they are back in stock, it will be announced both on their site, and on their Facebook page. Like them on Facebook!

Be sure to check out the links above!

I’ll be sure to post here as well when they’re available.

May the Flow be with you.


Home of Poi Discount


Home of Poi is a great source for a first pair of poi. Located in New Zealand, they have incredibly fast and inexpensive shipping. I am always amazed at the speed at which I receive the items I order from them. They have perhaps the largest selection of props, (poi, staves, buugeng, juggling balls, etc.), available anywhere. Check them out!

Please use my link above! You’ll get my 7.1% discount applied to your entire order! Plus a free fire safety DVD!